Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a free trial?

We don't offer free trials unfortunately. It only costs $20 to add 2 accounts and test all major functionality. If you are unhappy with our service you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Do you support MT5 accounts?

There are two types of MT5 accounts. Netting and Hedging.


The netting system allows having only one position per financial instrument meaning that all further operations at that instrument lead only to closing, reversal or...

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How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, go to billing, click manage on your active hosting package and click 'Cancel'. You can continue to use the...

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How do I disable email alerts?

You can disable email alerts on Social Trader Tools by navigating the menu to 'Configurator' and then 'Email Alerts' or by just visiting this link.

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How do I get setup?

To get started on Social Trader Tools you need to first sign up, select an account hosting package (depending on the amount of accounts...

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How many copiers can I setup with the Standard account package?

The Standard account hosting package is 2 accounts regardless of whether its a master or slave to a copier. With this package you can create 1 copier with 1 master and 1 slave account.

It works the same way for each account hosting package....

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What are the risk types I can choose?

Reverse trades

If you want to take the opposite direction for each trade copied, you can set Reverse Trades to yes.

Risk types

  • Risk multiplier by balance
  • Risk multiplier by equity
  • L...
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What does the auto-upgrade do?

When enabled, the auto-upgrade feature will upgrade your existing account hosting package to the tier above when your current package cannot accommodate new accounts.

For example, you currently have 2 accounts on the platform and a 2 accou...

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