Can I create a copier with one lead (copy from) and many followers (send to)?

Yes, you can create a copier with one Lead/Copy from account and Follower/Send to accounts easily with the copier configurator. This is one of our most frequently used features.

To copy from one Lead/Copy from to many Followers/Send to's, you first go to the trade copier page, under configurator in the navigation menu. Once there, press the add copier button in the top left and create one copier with the Lead/Copy from and one of your Follower/Send to. Once the copier has been created you can then append more and more Follower/Send to accounts to that copier by pressing the add copier button on the right side of the established copier, as seen below in the screenshot.

How to create a copier with one Lead/Copy from and many Followers/Send tos

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