How do I become a signal provider?

Our Signal Provider or Signal Pages allow you to sell your MT4/MT5 accounts as signals for clients to copy for free, a recurring fee or a performance percentage. We provide you with stats on the signal, a unique URL for you to share with clients and a convenient 'Follow' button for your clients to sign up.

Start your own signal business for free now! You pay for the hosting of your signal, they pay for their own account hosting. Signal payments go directly to your payment processor of choice!

  1. ​Add account hosting by visiting your profile in the top right of the site, pressing 'Billing', pressing the green 'Add hosting' button and selecting the package you require.
  2. Once you have paid for hosting add your master account for the signal by visiting the 'Accounts' page and pressing the blue 'Add account' button. Here you can use your investor or full MT4/5 credentials.
  3. When you have connected your master account, navigate to the 'Signal provider' section, then the 'Manage' page. Once there create your signal by pressing the blue 'Create signal page' button and selecting your master account'.
  4. Add terms, the payment type for your signal, by selecting the blue 'Add term' button. Here you can select whether clients can receive email alerts, can copy and the payment method; free, recurring fee or performance billing.
  5. Make the signal live by pressing the red 'Not Live' button and making it green.
  6. Setup your payment processor for the signal by navigating back to the 'Signal provider' page and selecting the blue 'Configure' button. Here you can select which payment processor client will pay you directly to for the signal. Your options are;, Stripe and PayPal. You can only use one.
  7. Once you have a payment processor setup you can then use your signal link to allow clients to view and follow your signal. You can find the signal link in the 'Signal pages' list on the 'Signal provider' page under URL. It will look something like this;
  8. Clients follow your signal by visiting your signal link and pressing the blue 'Follow' button.
  9. Clients then must add a hosting package using step 1.
  10. Clients are then required to add their account using the same method as step 2.
  11. Clients must create a copier with your signal as the master. They do this by visiting the 'Copiers' page and pressing the blue 'Create copier' button.
  12. Clients select their own risk settings and then turn the copier on by pressing the red 'Stop' button and turning it to a green 'Play' button.
  13. Trades will now copy automatically to your client's account when you trade on the signal account.
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