How do I create a Whitelabel for free?

Whitelabel accounts are free but you need to have an account hosting package to add accounts to the platform. Whitelabel owners pay for every account connected to the Whitelabel.

To set up a whitelabel you need to own a domain name and have the ability to add some DNS records. You need to set up a CNAME pointing a subdomain to our server eg Once set up, when a client visits that subdomain they will see our site in your brand and style.

Configure subdomain

Decide on a subdomain that clients will visit for your Social Trader Tools Whitelabel. This will be the URL clients use to access your site including your Whitelabel and signal pages. You will need to own the domain of the site you create the subdomain for. The example below uses the domain with the subdomain signals. So in the subdomain field we add Once you've chosen a subdomain, add it to the box and press add Add Domain.

Add subdomain


Once you decide on a subdomain you need to add the CNAME to your DNS for your site's domain. You usually do this on the site you bought your domain and it's usually located in the DNS settings section of the domain provider's site. With most providers, you will go to DNS settings, add a new record, select type CNAME, enter the subdomain in the name field and in the value field. The example below adds the signals CNAME to the DNS settings pointing to the Whitelabel.


Verify DNS

Once you've entered the full subdomain address, in our example and you have added the CNAME to your DNS records, signals in our example, you can then press Verify domain like below and you will move onto the second stage of the wizard adding TXT records for emails. This will confirm you've set up the CNAME correctly.

Verify DNS

Verify email

If you've managed to get the green light and have your CNAME configured correctly you can then add the TXT records to set up your mailbox for your support tickets to be sent. These will allow your mailbox to receive support messages from your clients using the platform.

To do this you need to add 2 TXT records, one using the root domain, usually '@' in the name field and v=spf1 in the value field. The other should be similar to smtp._domainkey in the name but a more complex string beginning with k=rsa; in the value field. The wizard will inform you which specific values are required however below I have included what they would look like when adding them to your DNS settings.

TXT record 1

TXT record 1

TXT record 2

TXT record 2

Once you have added both TXT records to your DNS press the Verify Email button to proceed.

Complete build

Once everything has been setup correctly you will get to the final complete build page of the Whitelabel where you can press Complete Build to build your Whitelabel.

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